The Easiest Way to Sell Your Damaged or Old House that Needs Major Repairs in San Antonio, TX

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When it comes to selling a San Antonio house that needs a lot of work through traditional means, you’re in for an uphill battle. Buyers aren’t very interested in houses in poor condition, which often means you can’t sell without paying for expensive updates. Even after you make necessary repairs, your fixer upper can still sit on the market for months or more than a year. Your other option is to quickly turn your old house into cash with Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX. By working with us—the experienced real estate investors, you receive the best services and a speedy profit.

How We Make the Sale of Your Fixer-Upper Really Easy

We Will Sell Your House Quicker than Anyone Else

If you think you can’t sell your house in bad condition fast, you haven’t experienced our real estate transaction process yet. Our streamlined approach to selling run down houses within an amazingly short time frame—in 3 to 30 days—means each of our clients enjoy a speedy profit.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Repairs

If you need to sell a house with serious damages and other problems, we can give you the money you need in exchange for your old property fast. We’re a company that buys houses in any condition, so if your house needs a new roof or has considerable issues that make it unlivable, we have you covered.

The Cash in Full Amount Is Guaranteed

We are proud of our track record for giving all-cash profit within 72 hours after clients sign our contracts. Our high standards for speed mean that we never make you wait weeks or months for funds to be relocated or a mortgage to be arranged before you receive the money you’re owed. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re on the fastest route to a great profit.

Zero Hidden Fees

When you sell your difficult house to us, you enjoy a straightforward and reliable process that includes absolutely no surprise expenses. For clarity and convenience, all costs are included in our offer from the start.

Damages That Don’t Stop You From Selling to Us

Fire Destruction

We have a long background in purchasing homes with serious fire damage. If your property’s value and condition have taken a serious hit from a fire, it may not be financially wise for you to conduct all of the necessary repairs yourself. Selling as is to us means you save yourself from any additional stress and can collect the income you need in days.

Damaged Structure or Foundation

A house with needed foundation repairs or structural damage is extremely hard to sell traditionally. On top of how these issues affect your home’s resale value, structural and foundation repair can cost you thousands when you pay out of pocket. Give us a call for an obligation-free offer if you want to skip the burden of paying to resolve these problems and sell your property quickly and easily.

Black Mold and Flood Damage

Flooded rooms, mold issues, mildew smell, and similar problems make houses unattractive to buyers. But we buy “ugly” houses for cash no matter the needed repairs or remodeling! Inspections, regrowth prevention and remediation measures, and similar undertakings needed to make a house livable can cost you thousands. However, you can skip spending so much to make a clear-cut profit by selling to us.

Damage Caused by Termites

When termites eat away at your home’s equity, stability, and integrity, your property becomes more difficult to sell as time goes by. Buyers are scared off by a history of termite problems. To make matters worse, paying for inspections, extermination services, and all necessary repairs can drain your finances. Don’t dig yourself into a financial hole and wait months for an offer. Instead, sell as is to us and collect your cash in days.

Asbestos-Containing Building Materials

When your home comes with asbestos building materials or siding, buyers can instantly label your property as an older junk house. Because it has been common knowledge for decades that airborne asbestos fibers can cause serious health complications, your home can be seen as both a dangerous and dated property. Instead of paying for inspections, removal, and remodeling yourself, you can easily sell to us, collect the money you need fast, and let us handle all repairs ourselves.

Questions and Answers

Do I have to repair my house to sell it?

In order to increase the likelihood of receiving an attractive offer on your property when selling traditionally (with a realtor or FSBO), you have to make repairs. If you don’t, your property’s current condition will turn away buyers and delay the sale.

While the traditional route requires you to spend funds to make money from your property, you have another option that allows you to sell effortlessly and quickly. By selling to a real estate investor, you collect a no-strings-attached profit without making any updates yourself.

Is it possible that the buyer will sue me after I sell the house?

If you don’t disclose all current and past property defects, you can be sued. As long as the buyer knows of all issues that can be found through a typical investigation before the transaction is finalized, and signed a disclosure document, the seller’s responsibility ends after closing in accordance to Texas law.

For how long are you responsible for the house condition after you sell it in Texas?

Except for cases of fraud, the home seller’s liability ends on closing day, and then the buyer assumes responsibility for all of the home’s defects. With this in mind, the buyer can take legal action against the seller if not all faults were made known before the sale took place. Because the Texas statute of limitations is 4 years, the buyer can sue the seller for fraud during the 4 year time period after the seller purchased the property.

What must be disclosed before I sell my house in San Antonio, TX?

In Texas, you are required to declare all known property defects to the buyer. This includes needed repairs, defects, and other problems. You must be upfront about any asbestos-containing materials, termite or mold problems, structural damage, and similar issues in order to follow the law. If you as the seller failed to disclose all known issues in written form, you can face a lawsuit that can end with you being convicted in committing fraud.

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