Selling a San Antonio Rental Property with Sitting Tenants Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

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Own a rental property but are tired of dealing with terrible tenants? Selling a home with tenants in residence can be pretty tricky and costly, so it’s important to know where you stand legally and financially. We break down the process and show you the options to consider when selling a rental property with tenants.

Keep These in Mind when Selling a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ

Here Are Your Options as a Landlord Selling a Tenanted House

#1 Let the Lease Expire Before Selling

If you’re a landlord with tenants on a lease, you may choose to wait until the tenant’s lease expires before putting your property up for sale. This way, you can effectively prepare the property – clean it up, make renovations, and hold open houses – without the hassles of dealing with sitting tenants. Not all landlords, however, can afford the burden of paying for mortgage while waiting for months before a buyer comes along.

#2 Choose to Evict Your Tenant and then Sell

If tenants in the home do not want to cooperate to resolve issues, you may opt to start the process of evicting them from your property. Unfortunately, evicting tenants when selling a house can be a long and frustrating process that involves going through legalities and shelling out a lot of money. This will substantially delay the sale of your property, not to mention the risks of pitfalls and complications that will put a strain on your finances.

#3 Begin the Selling Process with Tenants Still Renting

You can list your property up for sale even with tenants in place. Bad tenants, however, can make the sales process more difficult for you by refusing viewings. That’s an uphill struggle to find buyers who will be interested in a tenanted house. Plus, there’s the added stress that tenants in situ might do more damage to the property and you’ll end up lowering the sales price of your home.

This Is the Top Company that Buys Houses with Tenants in San Antonio, Texas

If you’re a landlord selling a house with tenants, there’s a better alternative that enables you to let go of your property without the drawbacks of a messy and complicated process.

Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX can help you by buying your property quickly for cash. We have worked with hundreds of landlords in San Antonio, Texas who have benefitted from our simple and straightforward process that gets the property, and the tenants, off your hands as fast as possible.

Stress-Free Selling Process

You don’t have to go through multiple open houses that may draw the ire of tenants. It only takes us one quick walkaround to evaluate your property and give you a fair price. We make selling a home with tenants a breeze by handling all the nitty gritty of the paperwork.

Make House Selling Easy and Quick

We are the perfect partner for those who want to sell their house but have tenants who are making it extra difficult. We’ll work diligently to give you a fair cash offer and close the deal within three to 30 days, regardless of the lease expiration date. We have the resources necessary to deal with bad tenants.

Cash-Only Payment for Your Home

We are trusted cash buyers who can get the ball rolling on property purchases quickly and efficiently. We don’t secure funding via a mortgage, which means no time is wasted stressing on the risks of a deal falling through. Since we pay in cash, we are able to close deals in just a matter of days or, when the situation permits, purchase your property outright on the same day.

We Buy Your House As Is

Whatever condition your property is in, you can trust us to give the best price for it – even if it’s a condo or duplex that has been severely damaged by a section 8 tenant. We won’t require you to invest time, money, or effort to fix up the property. We can handle any and all issues to help you easily unload your rental property.

Clear, No Hidden Fee Transaction

There are no fees or commissions when you sell your home with tenants to us. We’ll take care of closing costs and any other expenses that are associated with the transaction. If you choose to work with us, we’ll put in all the work to get cash in your hands fast at no cost to you.


Is There a Need to Send a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

It is essential for landlords to keep tenants in the loop during the sales process. This entails notifying the tenants of the sale of property through a formal letter. Give them as much advance notice and as much information as possible so that they can effectively plan their next moves. Some important details include what will happen during the sales process, how much time they have before they need to vacate the property, and the schedules of showings.

When you sell your property to us, we’ll take over this responsibility and deal with the hassle of getting the tenants out of the home.

What Ways Can I Adopt to Make It Easy to Show My House with Tenants to Buyers?

Open and constant communication with your tenants can help ease the sales process. Showing a rental property with tenants can be a challenge, but offering incentives may encourage them to cooperate with you and keep the property as clean as possible for potential buyers. These incentives may include rent discounts, alternative housing accommodations, and cleaning service.

You and your tenants need not be bothered by multiple showings when you want to sell your property quickly. We’ll only require one quick walkaround to make a fair valuation of your property. Once it is sold to us, we’ll handle all future viewings with prospective buyers.

Should I Worry if Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings?

As the landlord selling the house, you can’t just force your tenants to vacate the property. You are entitled to your rights as the owner of the apartment, but tenants also have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Consider their needs when scheduling house viewings. If a tenant continues to refuse viewings, you can go through the legal track, give them proper notice, and file with the courts.

It only takes us one viewing to assess your property. Once a deal is closed, we’ll take care of all successive viewings and work with tenants for the schedules.

How to Deal with a Tenant Who Destroyed My Rental Property?

It’s crucial for you to thoroughly understand landlord rights when a tenant destroys your rental property. Make sure to properly document all pieces of evidence that show the destroyed house. Seek legal advice especially if you’re not familiar with the process. An expert or lawyer can help you go to court and file for eviction or claims against the terrible renter.

No matter how heavily damaged your property may be, we will still consider buying it for a fair price. We can pay in cash up front so you can let go of the burden of getting the tenants out of your property.

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