How Foreclosure Can Be Avoided by Selling Your San Antonio House Fast

san antonio foreclosure

The prospect of losing your house because of financial problems can be devastating to a family. If you’re facing home loan foreclosure because you’re behind with house payments, take action immediately. Even if you can’t keep the house, you have a few options that might allow you to keep some of your credit score and any home equity you’ve accumulated.

I Am in Foreclosure, Now What?

Check out all the options to avoid foreclosure that are available to you. Even if a date has been set for a bank sale, it’s not too late to take action. One of these alternatives might be of great help to you:

  1. Bankruptcy (Chapter 13 filing)
  2. Deed in lieu
  3. Owner-initiated home sale.

Are There Any Ways to Stop Foreclosure Immediately?

Deed in Lieu

By offering to grant a deed in lieu of foreclosure to the lender, you might be able to satisfy your loan obligation. If accepted, the bank agrees to accept the deed to your condo or house in exchange for releasing the debt. But banks will balk if there’s a second mortgage because of their potential liability.


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can stop the home foreclosure process once it has started. Such a filing immediately stops the foreclosure sale date, even at the last minute. You will have a short period during which you can try to get out of pre-foreclosure or foreclosure by negotiating a repayment plan with the mortgage company.

Selling Your Home Before Foreclosure Auction

You can also sell your house before the foreclosure auction. If you can find a buyer willing to offer more than the loan amount, you’ll be able to keep some of your equity.

If you can’t get an offer for more than what you owe, take the best offer to the bank for their consideration. If they agree to accept the offer in exchange for releasing you from the mortgage, the sale is called a short sale. Lenders will frequently settle for less than the loan balance because they save the expense of the foreclosure auction.

How to Stop Foreclosure by Selling Your Home Fast in San Antonio, Texas?

Homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure trust us for assistance. Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX is the premier real estate investor in the San Antonio, Texas area. We can quickly buy your property before the bank can force a sale. We handle any negotiations with the bank. (And we may be able to net you some cash equity.)

We Are the Quick Sale Home Buyers

We are the quick sale home buyers in the San Antonio housing market. Everything about us is quick. Even if you have waited until the last minute to contact us, we can help you avoid a bank foreclosure auction.

Our Cash Is Ready

Because we do business with our own cash, we don’t leave our clients waiting. When we make an offer, we have the cash to back it up. No time is wasted on loan approvals.

As Is Transaction

We buy short sales AS IS. When your mortgage company approves our offer, you have no further responsibility for the condition of the property. We take on the house’s problems—whether issues with the property or its title.

Zero Hidden Fees

A short sale to us means a short sale without any realtor commission. And you have no other closing costs to pay. After we complete our cash transaction, you will not be surprised by any hidden fees.

Don’t Worry About the Paperwork

You will have a few places to sign and date. But we take care of all the paperwork after we make our bid. We make it easy for you to sell your home.


If Your House Is in Foreclosure, How Can You Sell It?

If your house loan is in default, contact us. If you have owned your home for several years, our cash offer could be higher than your loan amount. And you can pay off the loan—with money left over. But if you’re upside down financially, we will buy the house—taking care of lender negotiations and all the necessary paperwork.

Why Do a Short Sale on My Home?

Short Sale Pros and Cons

There are consequences when you need to short sell your home. You will lose ownership of the property, and the sale will affect your credit. But a short sale will eliminate your debt. And you could get short sale assistance for relocation expenses from your lender—since the lender can avoid the costs of a foreclosure auction.

Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What Works Better for You

A foreclosure can drop your credit score by as much as 400 points. Whereas a short sale could affect the score by as little as 50 points, and you can typically buy a new home right away. Because of the reduced costs of a short sale, short sale help for a seller’s relocation expenses is offered by some lenders.

At What Point Is It too Late to Prevent Foreclosure?

I’ve been served with a foreclosure notice paper. What should I do now?

When you see the notice of intent to foreclose attached to your front door, you have approximately 20 days to resolve the delinquency with the lender. Otherwise, you will be served with foreclosure papers, and an auction date will be set. Although you can wait until the last minute, it is to your advantage to act quickly.

How long after foreclosure sale do i have to move if I’m in Texas?

You will receive a notice of an eviction hearing after the auction. At the eviction hearing, you have five days to appeal or move out. If you don’t vacate the property, you will receive another notice giving you 24 hours to leave. If you don’t respond, both you and your possessions can be physically removed by authorities.

How long does foreclosure take in San Antonio, Texas?

If you’re getting behind on the mortgage, please understand what will happen. In Texas, your house can stay in the pre-foreclosure stage for 120 days after the first missed mortgage payment. If you ignore the 20-day ‘cure’ period previously mentioned, a Notice of Sale will be sent to you and the county clerk at least 21 days before the auction.

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