The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home with Water Damage or Mold After a Flood or Plumbing Issues in San Antonio, TX

san antonio water damage and mold

A home that has been flooded, taken water damage, or become infested with mold becomes a tough sell overnight. Buyers don’t want to deal with that mess. That’s where we can help!  

How Difficult Is It to Liquidate a Property with Water Damage or Mold Problems?

Water damage in a house brings a whole set of special issues for a homeowner who’s looking to sell – including toxic black mold:

Any evidence of water damage and toxic black mold in a house for sale are an immediate turn-off. Even a whiff of mildew or mold in a basement can cause potential buyers to reject a property in a heartbeat.

Realtors insist that it’s impossible to sell the property without expensive and time-consuming repairs, inspections, and other remediation measures. It might also be necessary to take further steps to prevent mold regrowth, such as installing dehumidifiers and HVAC insulation. Those steps can cost a homeowner several thousand dollars and will definitely cost much time and effort.

Even after all repairs and remediation have been completed, potential buyers still may see fixed water damage or mold issues as potential recurring problems, causing the property to linger on the market for even longer.

An Easier Way

The best solution is one that gets you out of this nightmare fast! Instead of pouring money into your home and taking several months to sell it the usual way – what if you could sell your home fast and AS IS to a real estate investor from a company that buys houses for cash?

For decades, Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX has been offering that alternative in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas. This real estate investment company provides top quality services to help people with problems just like this.

How Sellers Benefit from Our Service

What are the benefits you’ll see when you sell your home to us? There are a number of ways you win when you deal with our cash house buyers!

We Will Sell Your House Quicker than Anyone Else

The way we work, you can have your home sold and off your hands in only 3 to 30 days’ time! A traditional home sale that uses a realtor or a real estate broker can take from several months up to a year or more! There will need to be inspections and appraisals arranged, and maybe a title search, all taking time and costing you money. Meanwhile, you have to keep paying all the bills that are associated with owning and maintaining a home – the mortgage and insurance, the costs for heating, cooling and other utilities, property taxes, fees for the homeowners’ association, and more. But when you deal with a company that buys houses for cash, like Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX, you will sell fast, and put an end to all that!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Repairs

We buy homes As Is – so you will never have to worry about investing your time or money in making repairs, remodeling or upgrading your home, having the place cleaned, painted and polished up to show it off to prospective buyers! It doesn’t matter if you’ve had water or mold in the basement, or even if there is mildew in every single room. You can let us worry about that, because we’ll buy your home just the way it is right now!

You Will Receive the Whole Amount in Cash at the Closing Day

We pay cash for homes! You won’t need to wait for a bank or a board of directors to approve the transaction before a check can be cut, or wait 6 to 8 weeks for a mortgage company to sign off on the deal. We are a company that buys houses for cash. We bring cash to the closing, so that when the deal is done, you’ve got cash in your hands!

Zero Hidden Fees

There will be absolutely no hidden fees – no nasty surprises for you at the signing, no commissions, and usually no closing costs. Our cash offer is a bottom line, everything-considered, fair and transparent offer. All you need to do is say yes!

We Will Treat You With Care

Our personalized services are specially tailored to meet YOUR specific, personal needs, and to help you reach the goals YOU desire for this transaction. Our goal is a win-win outcome where both you and we walk away happy!

Questions and Answers

What are my options while selling my home if it was water damaged as a result of flooding or disrepair?

A house that has been flooded or has experienced water leaks – especially long-term, hidden leaks – brings its own set of problems to a real estate deal. There are basically two ways to sell a house with these issues – the hard way and the easy way.

The hard (and longer) way is the traditional route. If you go this way, you’ll engage a realtor, who will tell you that you need to make some repairs to the property before it can be listed. You’ll have to take the time and spend some money on getting the home ready to sell.

In contrast, the easy (and fast) way is selling your home to a company that buys ugly houses As Is – just the way they are. You won’t need to worry about the wet basement or black mold in your house for sale, because we’ll take care of everything for you!

Does the law in Texas require the seller to disclose flood, water damage and mold issues to the home buyer during a real estate transaction?

In the state of Texas, home sellers are required to fill out the Texas Real Estate Commission’s Seller’s Disclosure Notice to notify the buyer of any of a variety of known conditions, including previous flooding, improper drainage, or water penetration. When major issues such as a leaky basement are not disclosed to buyers, sellers who knew can be sued months after the sale! If water has gotten to areas where water should not be, it’s best to disclose that, even if the problem has been resolved and there is no longer any sign of water penetration, such as water or mold in the basement. Especially if there has been an insurance claim filed over the matter, these disclosures can affect whether the buyer will be able to insure the property in the future. Not only for legal reasons, but also for moral and ethical reasons, if you know something about the property that might make a buyer unhappy, then it’s best to disclose it to sleep soundly afterwards!

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