Selling a House in a Bad Neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas

san antonio bad neighborhood

How do you sell a nice house in a bad San Antonio neighborhood? You may be asking yourself that question after visiting a property you just inherited from a distant relative. Or you may want to get out of what was a great house in a great area—until the drug trade took over. Buyers are hard to find when you are trying to sell a house in a bad location. Following these simple tips will help you find the right buyer.

What to Consider When Selling It By Owner

1. Make It look Nicer From the Inside

The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized. Get rid of the clutter and clean until the entire house sparkles. Even worn plumbing fixtures look more appealing when they are spotless. Consider replacing the light fixtures in the main living area with inexpensive ceiling fans.

2. And From the Outside Too

Don’t let your house look smaller than it is because of overgrown landscaping. Trim those bushes. Cut off any low hanging branches from the trees.

3. Consider Staging The House

Walls with dark colors or those personalized for children’s bedrooms should be repainted using neutral colors. Minimize any furniture in the house and arrange it to make the rooms seem spacious. Make sure to set out a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

4. What About Your Neighbor’s Property?

If you have a neighbor that doesn’t keep up with their yard work, offer to cut their grass until your house sells.

5. Open Houses Are Time-Consuming, But Effective

Open houses are a lot of work. But they can stir up local interest. And while curious neighbors may make up most of the visitors, you might find a local buyer who wants a better house.

6. First-Time Home Buyers Are Your Easiest Audience

Emphasize the features in your house that appeal to first-time home buyers. As an example, if your windows are large, make them stand out with some cleaning and painting. Those buyers probably can’t afford their dream house. But lots of light—even from old windows—can help them feel that your home is an excellent compromise.

7. Owner Financing

If you don’t owe any money on the house, consider offering owner financing to an interested buyer. Owner financing is a big selling point for buyers who don’t have established credit.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Disclose Potential Liabilities

Fully disclose the problems with both the house and the neighborhood. Otherwise, potential buyers might imagine worse issues than what exist. But also point out the best features of your home. And mention any positive aspects of your neighborhood, such as proximity to downtown, etc.

9. Don’t Price Your Property High

Buyers like to haggle over pricing. Price the house to sell, but make sure to have some room to reduce your price for an interested buyer. Remember that an attractive price is the main selling point of your home.

We Buy Great and Awful Homes in Bad Locations of San Antonio, Texas

Sell My House Fast San Antonio TX has helped San Antonio homeowners for many years with our fast and reliable service. We will buy your house regardless of its location or condition. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily you can get your home sold.

We Buy Homes Literally Anywhere, No Matter Their Condition

There’s no need to worry about the condition of your property. We buy homes in any condition. And even if your house is located in the middle of one of San Antonio’s worst neighbors, we will still buy it.

We Are the Quickest Buyers

If you need a fast sale, we can have you out of your house, with cash in hand, in less than a month. Our quick real estate process is the envy of the industry.

We Only Offer Cash Deals

We are cash house buyers. We don’t need to take up your time while we wait for loan approval. When we give you an offer, we already have the cash available to pay you.

We Don’t Charge You

If you think that you will probably get hit with a bunch of hidden fees at closing, relax. Whatever we agree to pay you for your house, you will get in full at closing.

No Hassle for You

If you hate the idea of going through a pile of paperwork, you will be pleased to know that all of the paperwork is on us. Your only responsibility will be to sign and date a few documents.

We Will Buy Your House In The Worst Neighborhoods of San Antonio

Villa De San Antonio

It’s easy to afford a home here since the median price is under $45,000. But a high unemployment rate of over 8% fuels a crime rate twice that of the national average—making this neighborhood an unpopular place to live.

Skyline Park

Houston High School and Davis Middle School have only a 2 out of 10 rating, according to Great Schools. With a 3 out of 10 rating, Cameron Elementary does only a little better. Property crimes are over three times the national average. Violent crimes are three times the national average, as well.

Highland Forest

Even with some lovely homes, the property crime rate in this area is five times the national average. And according to, violent crime is over seven times the national average. The schools in this neighborhood are poorly rated.

Villas Of Babcock-Summerwind

This densely populated neighborhood has an extremely high unemployment rate of over 9%. Housing prices are affordable. But with a crime rate of over four times the national average, this area is not considered a desirable place to buy a house.

United Homeowners

United Homeowners shares the same poorly-rated schools with Skyline Park. The cost of living is low in this area, and there’s good access to amenities. But a crime rate that exceeds the national average by 500% makes it a neighborhood to avoid.

Dellcrest Forrest

In Dellcrest Forrest, 59% of the children live in poverty. That’s over twice the national average. Single mother households are usually indicative of a high level of crime, poverty, and school dropout rates. And the area surrounding the intersection of Rigsby Avenue and Southwest Wet White Road has a dense concentration of single mother households—according to Neighborhood Scout.

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